We construct every project to cater for the specific requirements of each individual client and the aims and objectives they have for their young people. Each stage of the process is carefully designed to give all participants an exciting, educating, engaging and enriched creative experience. Although we boast a strong portfolio of youth-led design, we believe the artistic outcome should be a by-product of the young people's creative journey.

Every member of our art team will encourage the development of each young person's:  

  • Imaginative thinking, creativity and positive participation

  • Personal and social development

  • Artistic skills and abilities

  • Knowledge and understanding of design and the creative industries, opening doorways and providing an insight into a variety of career opportunities.

Consultation sessions

These sessions are focused towards addressing key issues and subjects of importance to the young people. Participants are exposed to the concept of a design brief in developing ideas formed directly from the client's aims and objectives.

The young people will develop their creative ideas in a sketch-based activity and will be able to consider relevant imagery and lettering, which will contribute towards the content of the proceeding practical workshops.

Mural Workshops

The young people will have the opportunity to be directly involved in the creation of a mural, using the participant's ideas from the consultation session to create a piece of art and promote a collective feeling of ownership and identity.

Artists provide guidance of how to use the chosen materials throughout the workshop, culminating in a youth-led creation. Our team can deliver these workshops providing canvases of various dimensions for the artwork to be installed internally.

Canvas/ Clothing Customisation Workshops

This workshop can be facilitated using a broad variety of surfaces, including canvas, t-shirts, hooded jumpers, caps and/ or bags.

Participants will have the opportunity to use various media in the customisation of their items and can keep all items designed, upon the completion of the project. 


Sketchbook Creation Workshops

The young people will have the opportunity to construct and design individual sketchbooks using a wide selection of materials, creating a focal point for future drawing activities.

The sketchbooks are developed to produce a rewarding and fulfilling physical component within the workshop and can be facilitated in conjunction with any of the practical workshops.

Youth-led Exhibitions 

These exhibitions allow the young people to reflect upon and learn from their creative journey, increasing their confidence through public speaking and organisational skills through the event's preparation.

Participants can share their achievements, highlights and challenges, describing their processes, activities and artwork. 

Provided with every project:

  • All materials.

  • Accreditation certificates, feedback forms and comprehensive evaluations on request.

  • Healthy and safety discussion and sheets, risk assessment, current CRB certificates.